Our Services

Brush clearing & Invasive Vegetation and weed control Services

Tuff Greens LLC has a variety of mechanical clearing and herbicide treatment programs  to meet your invasive vegetation management and weed control needs in forestry-residential-commercial-municipal and industrial sites. As a NJ Certified Tree Expert, ISA certified aborist(International Society of Arboriculture) I will work with you in developing an integrated vegetation management program taking into consideration plant species, soil types and vegetation densities.

  • Field Mowing 
  • Wildlife Habitat Programs including food plots 
  • Brush Shredding

Brush Shredding:

Targeted for areas where undergrowth density is too great and a more desirable appearance is wanted. Our forestry mowers can handle very thin brush and larger trees grinding the debris into fine chips.


Application are made through state-of-the-art equipment including skid sprayers and low volume backpacks with our all-terrian vehicles. The type of application and herbicide use is based on several factors such as plant species to be controlled,soil types, densities, and biodiversity enhancement. We also specialize in a variety of Poison Ivy controll and eradication services. These solutions include: 

  • Invasive plant control
  • Poision Ivy Control
  • Commerical/Industrial Weed Control
  • Bare Ground Control 

Tree, Shrub & Tick Spraying:

Applications are made with hydraulic sprayers for control of insects and disease.

Stump Grinding Services: 

Have stumps on your property that you need removed? Want it done professionally and compliant with New Jersey One Call regulations? We are your stump removal experts. Here are five good reasons for grinding and removing a tree stump:

  • The stump may be a safety hazard, obstacle or is not aesthetically pleasing.
  • With the proper soil amendment you can plant a new tree in the same location.
  • Removal eliminates the possibility of attracting highly destructive carpenter ants and/or termites.
  • Stump removal discourages the growth of harmful fungi from the rotting process which could spread
  • Prevents the tree from growing back

Important: Beware of "Same Day Service" contractors who don't comply with NJ regulations!  We work within and follow New Jersey One Call's stump grinding mark out laws. The mark out is a free service but is required before Tuff Green's can dig or grind below the surface. Please review this information beforehand by clicking the following link: New Jersey One Call

Stump Grinding After Stump Grinding